Classes, Workshops, Seminars, and Tutoring

School-Day Courses and After-School Classes

We offer short- and long-term courses for middle- and high-school students. These can be run during the school day per the administration’s guidelines or as an after-school program. These usually run about 3-4 weeks.

Course Materials: For all of the following classes and workshops, Heron Moon Press provides course materials that each student is able to take home and continue to make use of. Each packet is created for the specific course/workshop being offered and the participants’ age range or grade level, so there is terminology and vocabulary appropriate to each audience.

Literature Appreciation: In the fields of English, Irish, or American literature; YA or children’s literature; and Religious texts (in translation). Students read in groups and independently then discuss the works and create short nonfiction assignments based on particular prompts that ask them to apply their analytical reading and critical thinking skills and to produce the work using strong grammar and variety of vocabulary.

Writing: Courses are either for fiction or nonfiction writing. The subject matter for fiction is open and by approval of the teacher or administration. The nonfiction focuses on writing about literature (see Literature Appreciation above).

In the fiction classes, students learn to hone their creative skills. Working from prompts, they create 1-2 page in-class essays, and 2-3 page extracurricular works. These are shared in class and peer reviewed.

In the nonfiction classes, we focus on what will be required in their future college writing: Attention to detail, clear thesis statements and arguments, organization, analysis of the texts, finding credible sources, and counter argument. There are short essays produced in class and 2-3 short essays for independent work time.


College Students: A universal truth is that no matter what your major, you have to write for your classes. We’ve been told that some colleges’ tutoring centers are not accessible during the students’ available time frames. Some are not thoroughly staffed at crunch times. This is where we come in. If you need help with English, Irish, or American literature; YA or children’s literature; and Religious texts (in translation), we can work with your schedule to assist you in your learning goals. If you are struggling with writing papers for any of your courses, we can help you meet your assignment goals.

Aspiring Writers: We offer workshops for aspiring writers at various locations throughout the year. Unless otherwise stated, they are one-day events in which adults participate in guided writing tasks, independent/timed assignments, and group discussion.

Literary Appreciation Workshops: For adult learners who may not have time to return to school or who want more guidance in approaching reading than a book club may offer. We focus on English, Irish, or American literature; YA or children’s literature; or Religious texts (in translation).

Blogging: So many people ask us how to begin blogging! This is not just about the technical aspect of creating a site, but also how to formulate their ideas and thoughts into engaging and popular posts. We offer individual tutoring in this area as well as large workshops in which people can brainstorm ideas and learn about using categories and tags in order to find “followers.”

Yoga and Writing: While not everyone associates these two immediately, they influence each other quite a bit. We offer workshops in which participants work through a series of Sun Salutations (modifications are offered for those who are new to or not very experienced in their yoga practice), a short breathing and meditation session, then a “quite writing time” in which they may channel their calm focus into whatever writing they wish to do. Participants are invited to submit their results for consideration for publication on this site.


We also host seminars in which various writers are invited to read from works of a similar theme (e.g., death and dying in children’s literature) and discuss their different approaches to to these topics. Q & A sessions follow each reading.

Individual Tutoring:

Please note that we do work with individuals in any of the above-listed areas of literature and writing. You can also view a brief overview of college-level writing under Master the College Essay listed on the side menu.

Online clients are accepted for tutoring regardless of location in the U.S.

$75 per hour for tutoring. Group study rates available.

Please fee free to contact us for rates, more information, and references.

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