Supporting New Writers and Promoting Established Voices


I’ve found myself meeting more and more people who either write about yoga or whose work is influenced by yoga. Whether it is the principle of being present and mindful in your process or actually referring to in their fiction or nonfiction, these writers are such inspirations to me. Today I have posted a link to an article written by a friend and colleague Lila MacLellan for Quartz. This wonderful piece of journalism highlights how  yoga is so much more than what so many of us consider it to be. It can heal and provide a future for those who have been damaged and who have damaged others. The planting of new, positive seeds can actually work to regrow the spirit and end cycles of violence.

The Colombian Government Is Turning Former Death Squad Members into Yoga Teachers

Please do reach out to Lila via her Twitter account posted at the end of the article if you have any questions or ideas.