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I am pleased to announce my acceptance to the Literacy in Education program at Rutgers University. While I hold a masters in English from NYU, the dominant focus of my studies, research, and employment has been founded on the idea of literacy itself: How do people acquire their skills and improve them? Reading comprehension is the core of writing’s strength. Without the experience of and access to a wide range of texts and writing styles, how can you develop your own voice–fact-based or fictional? It’s like a guitarist with no heroes or a poet with no muse!

When I began to blog, I originally focused solely on discussing the writing process and offering inspiration and practical details about how to become engaged in your work. It then grew to include a fundamentally important aspect of all of my jobs: Teaching people how to learn. This simply means that not everyone knows how to open up and become mindful of their own style of learning and connect their personal interests with their goals. My yoga practice and its emphasis on being wholly present and mindful even when doing the smallest tasks informs all of my daily effort both on and off the page. Altogether these layers of experience and continued research and learning have helped me develop what I feel is an informative and supportive source of inspiration for people at all levels of accomplishment or aspiration.

While an undergrad at Pace University in New York, I focused on Medieval English literature and minored in religious studies. My masters studies at NYU began with English literature and evolved into a full-time program in medieval and some modern Irish literature. Currently, I am pursuing studies in Composition and Rhetoric. I actively read and attend lectures and conferences related to both literature and writing. This keeps me interested and fascinated and helps me stay open to new ideas and discussions in my field.

My twelve years as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Pace University included teaching courses in American and Irish literature, freshman composition, and writing across the curriculum. I also served as a reviewer of freshmen and transfer student placement essays. As a member of the online adjunct community at Southern New Hampshire University, I worked mostly with adult learners returning to school after many years away. It has been my privilege to add Composition courses at Raritan Valley Community College to my teaching schedule as well. 

Throughout my career, I’ve taught, guided, and tutored many individuals from those as young as kindergarten age to Grad-school students and business professionals. Over the past 20 years, I have been employed as a consultant for educational publishers in America and Mexico, both editing and writing ELA texts and assessment materials for native speakers and ESL students. My writing work ranges from creating short works of fiction to newsletter writing for nonprofits and developing PR materials for private businesses.

Too many people are looking forward to retirement or planning to do something creative “eventually.” I don’t plan on stopping what I’m doing and want to pursue all wonderful paths now. I hope to help others find joy and energy in their present endeavors as well.

Services from Heron Moon Press:

Writing – Newsletters and general non-fiction, personal essays, short stories, children’s fiction and nonfiction. Technical Writing for the pharmaceutical and engineering industries (e.g., responses to RFPs, process reports, executive summaries).

Editing – Fiction and non-fiction. Substantive editing of manuscripts and copy editing of final drafts. Technical Editing for the pharmaceutical and engineering industries (e.g., responses to RFPs, process reports, executive summaries).

Education Services: 

Master the College Essay – Your original work under my guidance becomes a competitive application essay. This extension of my services is focused on guiding aspiring college students in creating an original and dynamic application essay that reflects their personal and academic strengths. Coursework: Continuing education and college students benefit from my many years of classroom experience as I guide you in both the formal structure of academic writing and enable you to develop the personal connection and confidence that comes with active engagement with coursework.

Tutoring – Composition and Literature for high-school and college students and adult learners. If you want to strengthen your skills or overcome particular difficulties, I tailor each session to the individual’s learning style and goals.

Business Writing – Give your reports, memos, and e-mails impact. Make sure that your colleagues and senior staff respect your written word.

Blogging –  Never blogged? Confused about where and how to start? Let me help you find comfort and community in this rewarding medium.

Online Course Navigation –  Not everyone is prepared for the online environment. Having taught online courses for many years, I have come to understand the difficulties some students face when working remotely. They may find it hard to manage their time efficiently. They may feel alone. I can help you become adept at learning and excelling in the online environment.

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