Publications, Stories, and Essays

I have edited and written for a wide range of fields and genres, including newsletters, humanities-based texts, educational reports, scholarly journals, fiction, and nonfiction. Whatever your pre-press/printer-ready needs are, Heron Moon Press can meet them.

As a professional and freelance editor/writer, I take pride in understanding the people on “both sides of the desk.” Writers need an editor who understands their vision and who wants to guide them to the completion of a solid manuscript. Editors need writers who know how to create work specific to the goals of the publication and who can meet a deadline.

Whatever side of the desk I am on, my goals are fashioned to the needs of my clients. I have no ego about my work, it’s about what you must have in order to meet your deadlines and aspirations.

Writing – Newsletters and general non-fiction, personal essays, short stories, children’s fiction and nonfiction.

Editing – Fiction and non-fiction. Substantive editing of manuscripts and copy editing of final drafts.

Graphic Design – In connection with Sparrow Art and Design, Heron Moon offers pre-press services for layout design and printer scheduling.

We also work in e-book format.

Please do feel free to contact me for references, sample work, or simply to ask for more info.

Hourly rate: $75

Estimates for projects available upon review of manuscripts and deadline requirements.

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