Focus, Focus, Focus

stress-reliefThis repost may confuse some of you–at first. This is from a person who is writing about emotional sobriety in programs and processes of recovery related to, as they say “isms”. What struck me is how much applies to those of us who don’t suffer from an addiction but do suffer for many other reasons. It may be emotional or it may be physical. It may be professional—doubts about ability and talent.

What many of us do is to find ways to soldier through that pain and create stories for ourselves, about ourselves. Or we fall back on sarcasm, wistful longing, platitudes, or, yes, meditation. Not that any of these don’t have their place. Anything that can bring a bit of levity or relief can help. But this is may only work momentary. What makes the discomfort pass is the release of tension that comes with facing the problem squarely and mindfully.

So write what you write or practice your yoga poses, face the risks and pain of rejection (the rewards of acceptance will inevitably come), feel awful or sad, doubt yourself, wonder why you are not as flexible mentally or physically, acknowledge jealousy and anger . . . THEN meditate, THEN reflect, THEN find solutions.

All feelings are part of being human. The pursuit of true Spirituality, Professionalism, Confidence, or Well Being can only  be authentic and productive if you are using your whole self in all of its faults and its strengths openly without blocking or pushing back at the discomforts that come to you.

Thank you to the lovely SWAN over on the FB group for bringing this to my attention 🙂 It’s an article in Psychology Today magazine looking at emotional sobriety. I’m sneaking it in as an extra post on Valentine’s Day as talk of emotions seems apt today 🙂 This is what they had to say: […]

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Weekend Writing Ruminations and Links – The Odd Thing About Time — Live to Write – Write to Live

I came across this today as I read through the posts of those I follow regularly. It was very “timely” since I was thinking about how time had slipped by lately and I’d not had time to post. Apparently, many of us have had the same conundrum and similar childhood rumination on exacting power over time and events.

Time flies, she said. But where does it go? he asked. In circles mostly, she answered. … I wish I knew more about time. I wish I understood quantum physics and theories of time relativity. Maybe then I would have power over time. One of my recurring childhood fantasies involved a magic pocket watch that […]

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