Thanks to David Snape

Today, I just want to thank David for sending out the welcome to submit our writing to him to be posted on his site. He has a true sense of community and inclusion that more of us should emulate. I am so pleased that he accepted one of my blogs to post and that he gave my thoughts a chance to be shared with others. 

I had tried something to this effect with The Community Story but the variations in writing styles were not conducive to creating a single, coherent tale from the prompt’s’ resulting submissions. Still, the experiment became the catalyst for a writing workshop my friend and I are developing. So, even failure is productive. 

Let’s all keep sharing our ideas and welcoming each other.


Published by

Heron Moon Press

I am an adjunct assistant professor of English at Pace University in NY, adjunct faculty in English at Raritan Valley Community College in NJ, an online member of the adjunct faculty at SNHU College of Online and Continuing Education, as well as a freelance editor and writer. For many years, I've taught, guided, and tutored many individuals from those as young as kindergarten age to Grad-school students. I've worked on fiction, nonfiction, and memoirs. What has given me the greatest pleasure, is when I have students get together in a group, and create a story together. I offer the theme (e.g., Create a version of Red Riding Hood) and they run with it. I hope to offer this community collaboration to many more people. The goal is to prove that you don't have to be alone to write, you don't have to offer yourself up alone to the group, you can collaborate and offer the world (yes, the world is the community) a chance to create a narrative together. The results have been amazing.

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