The Irish Goodbye

The Irish Goodbye

Not because St. Patrick’s Day is coming, but because there are some cultural stereotypes/consistencies that are not often really discussed with simple and plain-spoken interest. This came up on my LinkedIn postings and I think it is worth sharing. Click on the title or the link below.


A wonderful blog post I came across today: My Husband is Not My Prince Charming

While I mostly blog about my own experiences and interests, I am not unaware of the many great bloggers out there who have something inspirational to share or who embody the ideas that I try to put forth. This post is a wonderful example of blurring the boundaries of journaling with blogging, opening up people’s eyes to learning from the very people and events at hand, and being able to define oneself amidst so many expectations and stereotypes.

I hope you enjoy it as well.

My Husband is Not My Prince Charming.